Becoming an admin must not be just getting a certain number of edits but its helping the wiki,showing faith to the wiki,fight vandalism if there is any,make constructive edits ,have proper grammar,do spell checks of their edits if they think something might be wrong and show respect to other users and mind their language.This is the message to the admins granting the rights and the users who are asking for adminship.It's not like if you have that if you have x number of edits then you will become an admin, you might not even become if you have a thousand or a million unless much of them are constructive and if you have a lot of edits, but they are just small edits like adding categories or just adding small unimportant details.Also if you have a rough history of bullying,harrasing or attacking another user or using bad language then it is unlikely you will be granted adminship.If you are requesting for adminship at least have a good number of constructive edits.Thanks --signed,Jonny Mole  (contact) 15:32, December 29, 2013 (UTC) 

Plus if you were banned before for a minor reason then you can apply for adminship after a few months,only under these conditions:

  • You have the what is required to be an admin (as said above)
  • You prove to us and promise not to do that again
  • You have a reasonable apology

However its unlikely the banned-before admin might be granted bureaucratship.And if you were banned twice for a minor reason , then you cannot become an admin.If you were banned for reasons like:using abusive language for a long time, bully/attacking/harrasing/tormenting an user many times, vandalizing  many times, having a major vandalism done, breaking the pages or redirects, creating a total mess of loads of paper and adding hard to remove vandalism etc.

And like Timson said, the decision needs to be democratic and all admins must decide.If majority accepts him then he would get the tools and if the major disapproves his request then won't get it.

Also admins and bureaucrats who are breaking the rules will be banned immediately and we will speak to him/her to find out why they did it.Blocking a bureaucrat breaking the rules is hard cause there are only two ways: ask for help from the wikia staff or they remove "bureaucrat" from their rights.And if an admin is not using his rights fairly and we don't ban or warn him then please report it to any other admin.

         If you are applying for adminship then better read this.

This is also for other rights like chat moderator/rollback.

                                                     -Written by Jonny Mole (sysop,bureaucrat)

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