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  • Miles854

    The 10th anniversary of the first printed Diary of a Wimpy Kid book was on April 1st, because the first printed book was released on April 1st, 2017.

    Also, the month of April is Wimpy Kid month.

    All month long we'll be celebrating Wimyp Kid month, and all year long we'll be celebrating the 10th Anniversary. There might be some special events, contests, polls, etc. in celebration of Wimpy Kid month or the 10th Anniversary, so look out for anything like that as there may be some fun things going on to celebrate.

    Currently to celebrate, there is 2 logos for Wimpy Kid Month and the 10 Anniversary, located near the top of the main page/home page.

    Let us know what you think of the new banner, and if there is any changes that could be made to it, if …

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  • Miles854

    The Wiki has a new content moderator Per Ankh ! He assists a user called Kopakamata in maintaining the Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy wiki. He has also assisted the MSPA wiki in cracking down on their constant vandalism problem, earning a promotion to Rollback in the process. Other wikis he has helped maintain include Code Lyoko, where he is a fairly popular Admin, the Warehouse 13 main and Artifact Database Wikis, where he also holds Admin status.

    He also likes to hold a three strike policy to vandals, which he says is:

    Strike 1: Hey, please stop!

    Strike 2: Dude, quit it.

    Strike 3: I did warn you, followed by a ban.

    Please welcome Per Ankh as our newest content moderator!

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  • Miles854

    Within the last hour as of typing this, I changed the navigation bar a small bit. I made an adaptions section/dropdown, because I couldn't fit in a section exclusively for the Musical and for the Movies as a navigation header. I could only fit in the Movies section which had been there for a while, so I had to make an adaptions section, and fit the movies section/dropdown and the musical in that section.

    Do you like the change? Or should I put it back to the way it used to be? Let me know what you think, becuase I could use some thoughts and opinions on the change! Anyone is welcome to share there thoughts and opinions on the changes.

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  • Miles854

    Anyone is allowed to freely discuss in the comments as long as what you say in do in the comments isn't ban worthy, what your thoughts or answers to the question are.

    My question is: Do you think there will be more user activity and new users on the Wiki around and/or after the movie releases?

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  • Miles854

    Since all the votes for the poll to decide the next featured user are for TheGreatEngine and I forgot to put an end date on the poll (and any edits to the poll after it's made will reset the poll). Also 4 votes on a poll in 2 days is a lot for this Wiki. So I declare TheGreatEngine the next featured user!

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