At I have requested to adopt the wiki. I am hoping to gain admin or bureaucrat rights through this. Due to inactive admins and user Giant Bubbles becoming recently active but clearly not being able to do her job (and do stuff like delete pages, maybe add more chat mods and thread mods but isn't required to, wants to get others ideas to help fix the wiki but won't actually do anything to fix the wiki themselves, etc.) and due to not to many active users/editors on the wiki, I have decided to make a request Also as a result of no active bureaucrats (the only users who can add admins are bureaucrats) I have to make a request since it currently is the only way to gain admin or bureaucrat rank/permissions. A rule that is not met is that no one admin can be active within the last 60 days, and Giant Bubbles was actvie within the last 60 days. I made this blog post to see if anyone would respond within a week, so that if no user responds within a week that maybe I could use this as a way to get the rule overlooked and be eligible for adoption of the wiki. Also this blog post explains my adoption actions and reasons as well.

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