I'm not sure if someone already did this before on this wiki, but since I haven't seen it anywhere else, I think I'll give my personal opinion on the books from worst (If you could call it that) to best. So, let's begin.

The List

6. Rodrick Rules (2)

Rodrick Rules, while probably one of the funniest in the series, the plot seems to be all over the place, so at times, you felt the sub-plots were just made for jokes. 8/10.

Memorable Moment: Greg as the toilet paper mummy.

5. The Ugly Truth (5)

It has probably the best sub-plot I remember in Wimpy Kid history, involving a "Lock-In", but similar to Rodrick Rules, it doesn't have much of a coherent story to it. Still though, it's a funny one. 9/10.

Memorable Moment: Greg's mom making his egg for breakfast...

4. Cabin Fever (6)

In my opinion, the least funny, but it has a really good story going for it, the humor definitely isn't bad, and the pay-offs are just awesome. 9/10.

Memorable Moment: Finding out WHY the power was out so long...

3. Diary of a Wimpy Kid (1)

I know you guys probably thought this would be number 1 on the list, but because it has to introduce a lot of the characters, it leaves less room for a funny or cool plot and/or sub-plots. However, it does introduce the characters extremely well, the plots are pretty good, the few there are, and the humor is great. 9/10.

Memorable Moment: "This is NOT a diary"

2. Dog Days (4)

A lot of sub-plots, and all of them PERFECT. The humor is awesome as well, the main characters get developed in their own way, which leads to some awesome outcomes, and it's gotta be the most relatable of all the books, at least for me. 10/10.

Memorable Moment: Manny taking a shower in the pool.

1. The Last Straw (3)

Dog Days had a lot of perfect sub-plots, but The Last Straw has a perfect main plot. We discover Greg's dad may want to ship him out to military school, and this leads to amazing jokes, as well as a few sub-plots that are also awesome. I just hate that they're making this book into only 1/4 of the third movie, the rest being handed to the slightly worse Dog Days. What can you do, though?

Memorable Moment: The bathroom robe and the vent.

So that's my list. What are your favorites? Leave your answers down below.

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