• Nintendogmaster

    Hello I just wanted to say that I created the fake diary of a wimpy kid covers 'My last Year', 'Life Stress', And 'Ripped Pages'. Here is the entire story on how it happend.

    It was a boring day in December 2009. Winter Break just started and I had nothing to do. I checked my YouTube channel and saw that my most viewd video only had about 5,000 views. I thought I would have to find a very great way to attract views to my channel. So I was looking up what is trending on google, and saw Diary of a Wimpy kid. I did a little resarch on the book and figured, why not make a fake book? So I opened MS Paint and just slapped a picture from the Wimpy Kid poster, and painted it black and wrote My Last Year. It took about 3 minutes to make. I uploaded t…

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