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Hello, this is Redsox1099, and this is my first blog. So this is the first blog in a series called Things You (probably)Don't Know About.... in which I give away info about people related to Diary Of A Wimpy Kid. In this first blog I'm focusing on Jeff Kinney, whom without, this wiki wouldn't exist. So, let's get started!

  • Jeff created a comic before DOAWK called Igdoof, which the only newspaper that published it was his college paper, The Diamondback, and there's a book called Igdoof: Bathroom Companion that is also written by him.
  • Jeff was named one of Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential People in 2009.
  • Jeff produced both DOAWK movies that were made.
  • Jeff created and still works on a online game called Poptropica which he thought up while mowing his lawn.
  • Jeff lives in Plainville, MA with his wife and two kids (I'm not getting descriptive)
  • Jeff was born in Fort Washington, Maryland, on February 19, 1971 and is currently aged 40 years old
  • On Poptropic Jeff is working on a Island (level) called Wimpy Wonderland which is based on DOAWK
  • Jeff is also a Cub Scout Troop leader
  • Jeff showed his books to his kids, but their reviews wern't as he expected them to be
  • In college, Jeff was known for making classmates charatures, pulling pranks, and juggling knives! ( =0 )

So I hope you like this! Show your reviews and/or give away any more facts by using the comments feature. So, for now, stay wimpy! One question. Ummm.... WHAT IS A PLOOPY??? 23:29, March 14, 2011 (UTC)

Sources: [1] Jeff Kinney

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