It's come to my attention that most editors just add facts onto the page without any regard for paragraph flow or sentence structure.

Please do not do that.

If you have a fact to add, add it somewhere where it makes sense, and phrase it properly. This is a wiki; the page's job is to inform visitors who want to know more information about Diary of a Wimpy Kid in a logical format. Check your grammar. Check to see that the paragraph sounds good when you read it back to yourself. Don't just attach a poorly-written sentences, especially ones without comma or period spacing, to the end of a paragraph. You should also refrain from awkwardly adding sentences to standalone lines as well.

Another thing that's bothering me is the excessive usage of categories. Categories should be broad and non-redundant, and should be pretty formal. We already have an "Antagonists" category; do not make a "Jerks" category. Don't categorize pages under their own name. There shouldn't be a "Greg Heffley" tag under the page Greg Heffley.

This might all seem trivial, seeing as it's mostly a casual wiki where people make blogs and comments on their favorite books or characters, but it's still a wiki. Your job when editing pages is to keep a nonbiased, formal tone and make them informative and easy to read. I don't care what or how you post on blogs unless it's seriously offensive, but on the pages, please keep it neat. Thank you.

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