Post what quote you like about each of the books here. You don't have to do them all if you don't have a particular book, but here are my favorites:

And all the quotes are by Greg unless otherwise mentioned.

Original: "I knew Rowley's parents wouldn't be hot on the idea either, so we decided to build the haunted house in Rowley's basement and just not mention it to his parents."

Rodrick Rules- "Comment allez vous?" -Mamadou's parents. Then Greg replies with "Yeah whatEVER!" This just shows how rude Greg can be, he has no respect for people and the parents even used the formal phrase for "how are you" and Greg can't even give it back to them.

The Last Straw- "I can't believe they can get away with lying to kids like that. I thought about calling a lawyer to sue those guys, but lawyers cost money and like I said, the cash machine was a piece of garbage."

Dog Days- "I'm glad I did. I found out North America will be underwater within 6 months, so that kinda took the pressure off to do well in school."

The Ugly Truth- "The thing that really burns me is that Rowley doesn't know his parents are paying this guy (Cool Brian) to spend time with him. And I don't think it would bother Rowley if he found out the TRUTH."

Cabin Fever- The negative review of Papa Tony's Pizza


Hard Luck- "But Gramma's fed Sweetie so much food that he looks like a beach ball with legs."

The Long Haul- Don't have it yet

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