If you are looking for the Wimp Yourself feature (aka Wimp Wizard) from, see Wimp Wizard.

Wimp Yourself
Wimp yourself
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Jeff Kinney [confirmation needed]




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Alive (Recreated for The Long Haul film)

Wimp Yourself was a site created by Jeff Kinney where a user can make their own Wimpy Kid characters. It has two bases: one is of Greg Heffley, and the other is of Holly Hills (however she looks slightly different). After selecting the base, the user can customize the clothes, head shape, hair, eyes, nose shape, and mouth of the avatar, and may also add a backpack or a cloak (for male) or angel wings (female) as decoration items. As of September 2015, the site redirects to, which means Wimp Yourself is no longer available. However, you can still try it out with websites such as The Wayback Machine.

As of May 2017, the website was restored to promote The Long Haul.