The Winter Talent Show (known in the film as Plainview's Most Talented) was a talent show held in Rodrick Rules. Rowley was paired up with Scotty Douglas, however Greg broke Rowley's toe making Greg forced to team up with Scotty. Rodrick's band made the cut, however Greg and Scotty became the only people not to get the cut. During the show, it was getting late so they made two acts in one time. Sometimes it was better for the acts, and sometimes much worse. The last act was of Loded Diper, they were paired up with Harry Gilbertson. After that Leland was the grand-prize winner for his puppet show, Harry won the best musical act award. During Rodrick's performance, Greg had refused to record so Susan volunteered, Susan kept dancing when Rodrick's band played and the recorder zoomed the camera at Susan. The Video became famous as "Dancing Mom" all over the internet, this made Rodrick hide in his room until it all blew over.



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