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Acid Puddle

The "acid puddle" episode of Zoo-Wee-Mama!.

Zoo-Wee-Mama was a comic strip from the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. In its major role, it appears in the original book.

Greg Heffley originally created it, and then let his friend Rowley Jefferson take control of the operation. Pretty soon, though, Rowley says he has done everything that has to do with Zoo-Wee-Mama (In other words, he took credit for everything). Greg came up with the idea to make the characters say "Zoo-Wee-Mama" at the end of each strip, to avoid making punch lines. He let Rowley draw the panels. Greg did all of the writing and drawing. Rowley then complained he didn't get to do enough, so decided he could just take over. His versions lacked grammar, but it was enough for him to get the class clown award (This story is most likely based on the Stan Lee vs Jack Kirby incident). Creighton the Cretin actually won the comic contest, but Mr. Ira changed the strips entirely, making Greg look like a teacher's pet. Furious, Greg quit and Zoo-Wee-Mama took its place. Rowley quit drawing it in Rodrick Rules so he could spend more time playing with his Dinoblazer figures, so the comic is presumably no longer producing comics.
Zoo wee mama

Zoo-Wee Mama in the Do-It Yourself Book.


  • In a flashback in the movie, it is unknown if Zoo-Wee-Mama comic strips are shown. 
  • On the dvd of the first film, you can find unseen Zoo-Wee-Mama comics 
  • Zoo Wee Mama was made by Rowley himself when Greg got the idea of coming in the year
    By rowlry

    "Vampire" accident.

    book as the Class Clown (he fails but still he is in the yearbook with Rowley as The Cutest Friends). Greg leaves Rowley to do the comic alone as he thinks that it is lame to say Zoo Wee Mama at the end of each strip.
  • Zoo-Wee-Mama may be an alteration of the wide-spread 'your mom' genre of jokes..


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